Eden Valley’s mission statement from it’s founding, has consistently been to maintain the highest quality High School experience. Accepting everyone regardless of species, race, gender, orientation, and lifestyle. This mission has aided us in maintaining a truly unparalleled level of quality and excellence and a desire to support and serve our community by always operating at cost, and offering programs and opportunities for discounted tuition to ensure no one is ever left behind. We would like to hope this mission we so passionately aim for has been well reflected in every dance show, every prom, and every class.

However, and perhaps most unfortunately, we lack the ability to provide further support outside of Second Life. As these conditions and circumstances continue to affect more and more individuals and their families, it grows increasingly difficult to maintain this mission that Eden Valley has been founded on. From sick family members that deserve our full undivided attention, to drastic changes in “RL” employment, every single member of our students and faculty alike have felt the impact in some capacity of the ongoing pandemic and will no doubt continue to do so for some time.

For this reason, I have written you this letter.
An open letter to tell you that I’m sorry.

I hope you are well,
I hope your family is well,
and I hope things improve for you.

The administration at Eden Valley has been and will continue to carefully monitor the ongoing developments inside and out of Second Life. It is for this reason, based on the current widespread impact of the still-ongoing shelter in place orders (42 US states alone, at the moment of writing this) as well as the many other impacts of this pandemic, have decided the only appropriate and respectful decision to the many people currently impacted, is to temporarily seize operations at Eden Valley until a later date when we feel the situation for our students and faculty has improved to a level that we feel is both comfortable and appropriate to resume normal operations.

This closure will be effective from May 2nd with all classes being suspended from that day forward, until further notice.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon,