We here at Eden Valley High School, make it our mission to cater to all levels of roleplay including both teens and their families, in a truly unparalleled variety of high school appropriate classes, activities, and events. It is our goal is to provide the highest quality high school experience, in a fun and safe environmentWe welcome each individual to choose the roleplay level that is right for them, as long as they are age appropriate and abide by our Governing Rules. Eden Valley welcomes and supports students, families, and staff of all species, races, genders, orientations, and lifestyles as it is our goal to make you feel welcomed and included.

Tuition to attend Eden Valley High School is L$ 350 per 28 days from the date of payment.
Terms, which are graded periods much like real life school semesters, last from the first week day to the last week day of each month.


By enrolling, you are agreeing to abide our rules at all times.

To begin, please pay your tuition to an available locker (available lockers are yellow).

This locker will remain yours throughout your stay at Eden Valley High School.
If you forget which locker is yours, click “Accounts” using the computer at the Front Desk.
In case of loss of group or to disable reminders, please click your locker and use the menu. You can also use this computer to be assigned a particular grade such as Senior or Freshman. You may need to refresh the group for this new tag to become visible.

Once you have a locker, you are enrolled at Eden Valley High School.

The admissions group grants you access to all of our classes, clubs, and sports for which there will be announcements in the admissions group 10 minutes prior to each including SLurl, and the schedule is viewable on the schedule page available here and next to the front desk.

Please note
Some special activities, such as select dances and some sports, may require a small fee for things like admission to some events or sports uniforms.

You are welcome to attend as many, or as few classes as you so desire. This also means you do not have to continue attending the same class(es) throughout the semester, though it is encouraged for the sake of the instructed material and to be assigned a grade.

You do not need to register on this website, to attend Eden Valley. However, should you choose to do so, you may register for an account on this website here.


Grades are posted in a per-term “Grade Book” and made available at the end of each term for viewing. It includes the grade(s) each student has received for that term, in all of the courses they have completed by attending a minimum of three classes.


If you would like to receive a report card on behalf of your student,
please have your student use the student kiosk in the lobby to assign his or her guardian.

Any other questions you may have can be answered by visiting our FAQ.


Welcome to Eden Valley!