Thank you for your interest in staying in one of our dorms!

Our dorms are located on the North East side of the aesthetic High School sim.

While unisex dorms are available to the Students at Eden Valley,
non-students will not be allowed to retain their rentals unless they choose to enroll.

We offer three types of dorms!

We offer small dorm suites with a 50 prim allowance so that you may decorate as you see fit!
These might be the smaller rooms that Eden Valley provides, but they’re sure full of potential.
These smaller dorms cost $L 100 per week.

We also offer larger dorm suites with a 100 prim allowance so that you may decorate as you see fit!
One and a half times the size of a small room, these dorms are perfect for sharing with a friend.
These larger dorms cost $L 200 per week.

For the more ambitious of students and for those interested in sharing, we offer apartment suites with 300 prims!
These rooms are perfect for rooming with 4 or more friends! They include 4 bedrooms, living, dining and restroom space.
These apartment dorms cost $L 600 per week.

If you’d like to customize the look of your room without any additional prims,
click the console in your dorm room to customize the colors and textures to your liking!

Prim Overages

If students go over their prim allotment, both the student and the dorm managers will be notified!
You must correct the problem within 24 hours or your rental will be terminated.

NOTE: Extra prims are not available for purchase, and students are limited to ONE dorm per student.


Students are able to pre-pay up to four weeks in advance to ensure your rental doesn’t expire while you’re away.


Dorm tenants are strongly encouraged to have roommates, in fact there’s a forum to make it even easier! Roommates too must be enrolled at Eden Valley. In these instances as well, adding tenants that are not enrolled will result in a reprimand and may result in eviction!


Dorm tenants are required to follow all of our campuses’ rules as outlined at as well as maintaining a G-Rating on all dorm furniture, content, and behavior during your stay.
Further, enrolled students are allowed one room per avatar.
Refunds will not be provided for violations of these policies.

More Information

Should you need any further assistance, please contact a dorm manager or member of administration and we will be happy to assist you.