Staff Guide

This is the complete guide for all
Staff & Administration of Eden Valley High School

Staff are REQUIRED to know, follow, & enforce at all times ALL General Rules  AND those listed here.

General Staff Rules

  • Profiles – No misleading profiles. Your profile must state that you are/RP as an adult in second life.
  • Dress Code – Staff dress code is the same as the one outlined for students here.
  • Pregnancy RP – Unlike students, Pregnancy RP is permitted on-campus for staff. All tummy talkers and accessories of the likeness shall be put on silent or disabled while on the campus to prevent unnecessary spam.
  • Alternative Clients – Use of alternative clients such as mobile Second Life viewers and text clients are strictly forbidden for staff use during classes, meetings, or other essential school functions.
  • Campus Relations – Faculty are allowed to keep relations with other faculty or students over the age of 18, however if a staff member is dating a student their relations needs to be kept OFF-CAMPUS exclusively and MUST be reported to the administration. There is to be no relational contact or discussion between the two parties while on campus. This might include dancing, cuddling, pet names, or other various types of special treatment or accommodations that are not being provided to all other staff and students alike.
  • Semesters (Terms) – Each month is a new semester, beginning on the first day of the month and ending on the last. Grades will be due on the last day of each term and must be posted to our “grades” spreadsheet.
  • Extended Leave – While Eden Valley supports it’s faculty during times of hardship, in order to maintain an active campus any extended absences that exceed one semester will be considered voluntary resignation with the opportunity of re-employment in the future.

Running Your Class

  • Prim Limit – Teachers are permitted a 125 prim allowance (unless rezzing temporarily for class or event).
  • Notice – Class notifications are to be sent out in the admissions group, using the classroom console, once per class instance.
  • Decor – Staff members are required to decorate and customize inside and in front of their classrooms, within the guidelines and aesthetics of the school. Staff is responsible for all classroom furnishings, though assistance by Mr Magic (Iamsoo Magic) can be requested. You must not block the hallway or encroach on other classrooms or offices while decorating. Furniture may not contain any couples animations that include physical contact with another AV.
  • Field Trips – Field trips are allowed, however authorization is required from Mr. Magic. Furthermore permissions slips are required for all students with an assigned Guardian, and only one per semester is allowed.
  • Movies – Staff members are allowed to have movies played as instructional material. However, movies must be school appropriate and require prior approval by a member of administration.
  • Web Content – Except when otherwise specifically stated, off-site internet content such as personal-websites are not allowed as instructional material.
  • Group Tags – All staff are required to wear their staff group tags, and enforce students’ group tags during class. The tags permitted to class are: EVH *Student*, EVH *Freshman*, EVH *Sophomore*, EVH *Junior*, & EVH *Senior* and can be quickly and easily verified using the classroom console.
  • Lesson & Sub Plans – Teachers are required to submit Lesson & Sub Plans for each class prior to the start of the semester, or the class will be removed from the schedule.
  • Unexpected Results – The administration at Eden Valley knows that teaching, is NOT for everyone. If after beginning your tenure you find that teaching is NOT for you, or that you no longer wish to perform your duties, please let us know. We may be able to find a different more suitable opportunity, while making sure we do not end up with faculty missing in action when classes or events are due to happen. It looks bad on everyone involved, instead of simply letting us know you no longer wish to continue your duties.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Prepare Notice – Pre-configure a notice including your class name, initials, or identifying information (if we do not know what class the notice is for, yours will be marked as NOT SENT) and a short summary of what you’ll be working on, on the console notice system next to the door of your classroom.
  2. Send Notice – 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start send your prepared notice. If this system is temporarily unavailable, send your notice manually.
  3. Group Enforcement – Be sure that all students are wearing the proper tag. This can be done by selecting “Check Tags” from the classroom console. (*EVHS* Student, *EVHS* Freshman, *EVHS Sophomore, *EVHS Junior and *EVHS Senior are the ONLY acceptable tags.)
  4. Take Attendance – Once your class is underway and tags have been checked.
    1. Touch your classroom console (Next to door).
    2. Select Attendance from the options menu.
      • Add a class name if you’ve not yet done so.
      • NOTE: This is the class name that will appear on progress reports.
    3. Pick the class you are taking attendance for to begin.
    4. Take down the results and keep as a backup copy!
    5. Add any notes to the incident reports for review by the appropriate administration for additional action. (This includes bans or reprimands, missed attendance entries, or general notes for record keeping like student behavioral issues to be reflected in grades later in the semester)

NOTE: If you are substitute teaching, please take attendance using the classroom console of the staff member you are covering for. Use the class name the teacher uses for accurate record keeping for grades. If you are unsure what this is, check the Lesson & Sub Plans sheet!


  • Payday – Payroll is paid every Sunday.
  • Standard Pay Scale – Per class/session, per day as listed.

1 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25

L$ 50
L$ 100
L$ 150
L$ 200
L$ 250
L$ 300
L$ 350

  • More Pay More students, more pay! If you are interested in increasing your pay, we encourage you to communicate with students, build rapport, and socialize. Students are most active in the classrooms of the most active staff.
  • Substitute Pay – While covering someone else’s class, you will be paid the same amount as the teacher would have been for that day.
  • Salary – Salary amounts for any other position will be discussed at time of hiring.
  • Pay Increases – All staff are eligible for pay increases based on length of employment and performance.
  • You must wait at least 30 minutes should no one show to your class. You may have late students who will still attend.


  • Substitutes – You are required to find a substitute for your class if you are not able to make it. You are welcome to use the staff group, via IM and/or Group Notice, to ask if a substitute is available.
  • No Shows – Any time your class is not covered by yourself or a sub, it is considered a no-show.
  • Excessive No Shows – Two or more no-shows will result in immediate termination.

Discipline & Griefers

  • Incident Reports – Any time a person is ejected or banned, you are required to document it in an incident report.
  • Warnings – Any warning issued it is to be done in local chat and you are required to document it in an incident report.
  • Reprimands – *Only* Administration may hold parent conferences or suspend/expel a currently enrolled student. Please be sure that you speak with an administrator should you require such meeting or action.

If it wasn’t documented in an incident report, it didn’t happen!

Staff Enrollment Discount

  • Family Discount – Teens and alts of staff are permitted to attend, provided they too follow the rules.
  • Discount Tuition – Discounted tuition is provided at a rate of half price, as long as you are in our employ.
  • Maximum Discounts – Staff are permitted to two half priced tuition rates.

Please contact Mr. Magic to enroll a student at the staff rate!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this guide,
please feel free to contact any member of administration.