We understand there might be unanswered questions,
so here’s a FAQ section!

How can I find out which locker is mine?
What is the chain of command?
How do I get an admissions group invite?
When do I receive my grades?
What do I do if a teacher doesn't show up?
What do I do if I'm being bullied?
Is my ____________ allowed?
What do I do if I found a problem on...?
How many students attend EVHS?
What grade should I/my teen be in?
How do I add/include my parent or guardian?
How much does it cost to attend Eden Valley High School?
Is financial aid available?
When is the enrollment deadline to attend?
What classes are available at Eden Valley?
How do I register?
What classes can I attend?
Does the same class happen more than once during the week?
Do I have to attend...?