We understand there might be unanswered questions,
so here’s a FAQ section!

How can I find out which locker is mine?
If for any reason you’ve forgotten which locker, or dorm is yours. You can select “Accounts” from the computer at the front desk for a list of all active accounts and even a slurl to where each one is located!
What is the chain of command?
If unresolved issues need to be escalated, our chain of command is present on our Faculty page from bottom to top.
How do I get an admissions group invite?
Please click your locker and select “Grp Invite” from the menu.
When do I receive my grades?
Grades are posted at the end of each semester in the Grade Book.
Alternatively, if you’ve added a Guardian, they will also receive a report card.
What do I do if a teacher doesn't show up?
Unfortunately, unforeseen absences happen. Simply contact any online staff member.
What do I do if I'm being bullied?
If you ever feel like you are being treated inappropriately or unfairly, please contact a faculty member. If you are uncomfortable doing so, please contact a school administrator. And finally, if you feel no other avenue is available, please Report It Anonymously.
Is my ____________ allowed?
Our Rules do a pretty good job of outlining our policies on most things. If you feel like your question is not answered by any of these policies, or if you are unsure, do not hesitate to inquire with a faculty member.
What do I do if I found a problem on...?
Please use our faculty page to contact the correct avenue for any issues you may have. If you’re not sure of who that might be, please contact any member of our faculty for more information.
How many students attend EVHS?
Due to the frequent fluctuations of residents in Second Life, this is a rather difficult question to answer. Our best recommendation is to Visit Us and check us out for yourself. We welcome potential students to attend a day at Eden Valley to decide if we’re a right choice for them, free of charge. For a free day of admissions at Eden Valley High School, please contact our Principal Mr Magic.
What grade should I/my teen be in?
While this is greatly open to interpretation depending on your type of roleplay, we follow a standardized US metric of Freshmen between 14 & 15, Sophomores between 15 & 16, Juniors between 16 & 17, and Seniors between 17 & 18.
How do I add/include my parent or guardian?
Eden Valley welcomes Parents and Guardians to participate in their teen’s education. For this reason, we have a Guardian system available at the front desk. Please activate your admissions group tag, then click the “Wildcat Info Hub” and follow the prompts.
How much does it cost to attend Eden Valley High School?
While special events and activities such as dances or sports may require a small additional fee to support their additional costs, our current admissions rate for students to attend can be found in the welcome section. Other activities such as pep rallies are at no cost.
Is financial aid available?
Students that are unable to meet their tuition costs are encouraged to contact Mr Magic for alternative arrangements.
When is the enrollment deadline to attend?
Eden Valley does not hold to a strict enrollment schedule. Your enrollment date starts when you begin use of your locker, and you will still receive a full 28 days from the date you started. The day of the month has no bearing on your tuition fee. However, a student who joins too late in the semester to meet the mandatory three classes to be graded, will not receive a grade for that term.
What classes are available at Eden Valley?
While also available on our faculty page, the most up to date ongoing class list can be found by checking the Schedule.
How do I register?


To begin, please pay your tuition to an available locker (YELLOW LOCKER).
This locker will remain yours throughout your stay at Eden Valley High School.

What classes can I attend?
Eden Valley is an open campus, and you are welcome to attend as many or as few classes as you so desire though some may require you try out or apply. For a full list of our classes and schedule, please visit our Schedule.
Does the same class happen more than once during the week?
Most classes are twice a week, and can be found on our schedule. For a full list of our classes and schedule, please visit our Schedule.
Do I have to attend...?
As part of our open campus policy, you do not need to attend all classes or the same classes multiple times though attending a full semester of the same course is strongly encouraged.