CampusDress CodeDorms

While we understand these policies may seem cumbersome, we here at Eden Valley pride ourselves in our mission to provide the very best in authentic High School Roleplay. For this reason, our policies are aimed at providing the most enjoyable, authentic environment including our rules which help maintain a safe, fun, inclusive environment.

Thank you for understanding.

Campus Rules

CampusDress CodeDorms

▶ Content:

  1. ANY content of an adult nature is strictly forbidden.
    This includes but is not limited to

    1. Clothing
    2. Attachments
    3. Objects
    4. Conduct
    5. Language

▶ Profiles:

  1. Your profile must state that you RP as a teen (between 13 and 18) in second life.
  2. No adult groups, inappropriate photos, picks or extreme language.
  3. No hate speech or extremist symbols against an individual or group.
  4. Profile content of an adult nature such as display names, profile pictures, and groups need to be removed or hidden.

▶ Avatars:

  1. No quadruped (four legged) avatars are permitted to enroll or attend classes, and pets are prohibited unless expressly authorized by administration.
  2. Biped (two legged) avatars may not be outside the age or size range of standard second life teen avatars, vulgar, shocking, or disruptive in any way.
  3. Avatars above 500,000 avatar complexity or memory exceeding 10,000KB are included under “Disruptive”.

▶ Conduct:

  1. Behavior that is disruptive, bullying, or harassing is against the Second Life ToS, and is not permitted.
    This includes but is not limited to
  1. No Excessive shouting on campus
  2. No unauthorized use of the EVHS content (such as group tags or names)
  3. No harassment about or denouncement of political affiliations or preferences
  4. No excessive particles, repeated/loud sounds or inappropriate or lag-causing objects (including vendors)
  5. No animated or Breedable pets
  6. No spamming
  7. No unauthorized advertisements
    • No sexual age play is permitted, including teen pregnancy RP.
      This includes but is not limited to:

        1. No tummy talkers
        2. No pregnancy shapes
        3. No prim babies

          Due to the nature of these offenses and it’s direct violation of Linden Labs’ TOS (section 4.viii & Official WIKI), anyone caught involved in such activities will be immediately banned and reported to Linden Labs.

    • No alcohol, tobacco or drug RP or references on campus. No exceptions.
    • Vampires and Lycans are permitted, but there is to be NO biting or biting RP.
    • No use of RP battle or bite HUDs, we are considered a safe zone and offending parties will be removed without notice.
  • If you are being harassed or bullied by ANYONE or notice a griefer, please contact administration and it will be taken care of immediately.

▶ Disciplinary Action:

  1. Disciplinary action will be decided upon by administration but all staff is permitted to request that you leave an area or the entirety of the campus and ban if necessary.
  2. Eden Valley discipline goes on a strike system, each offense will increase the disciplinary action however some of these may be skipped based on the severity of the situation.
  3. RP Disciplinary Action
    1. Warning(s)
    2. Detention
    3. Principal Meeting/Parent Conference
    4. Suspension (timed ban)
    5. Expulsion (permanent ban)
  4. OOC Disciplinary Action
    1. Warning(s)
    2. Being asked to leave
    3. Being removed (ejected)
    4. Being banned (banned)

Disciplinary action is taken against a user, not an avatar.
If other accounts are discovered, those too will warrant action without notice.

▶ Refunds:

  1. Eden Valley does not provide refunds by request. Refunds will not be provided for:
    1. Lockers
    2. Dorms
    3. Uniforms
    4. Sports equipment
    5. Donations

Dress Code

CampusDress CodeDorms

  1. Staff, Students and Visitors are required to follow the dress code at all times on campus.
  2. Any article of clothing must immediately be changed at the request of staff!
  3. No disruptive clothing such as vulgar or inappropriate language, or images including symbols of hate or extremist groups.
  4. No exposing of any area not considered General in nature including but not limited to:
    1. Semi-transparent clothing
    2. Ripped clothing that exposes inappropriate areas
    3. Excessive exposure of the chest
    4. Exposure of the stomach (bellybutton must be covered at all times)
    5. Excessively short skirts or shorts (bottoms should be mid-thigh or longer)
    6. Extreme sagging or low-rise bottoms
    7. No articles of clothing that appear to circumvent the dress code. (Eg: Shirts with bare chests.)
  5. No excessively large or distracting prim or mesh breasts, other “enhancements” or adult attachments for any gender.
  6. No visible collars, decorative or otherwise.
  7. Biped avatars are required to wear appropriate clothing at all times.
  8. Quadruped avatars are not required to wear clothing at all times provided they do not wear attachments of an adult nature.
  9. Swim class and the showers are the only exception (dorm residents are also required to meet dress code) to this rule at which point males are permitted to go shirtless and females are permitted to expose midriffs.
  10. Weapons (scripted or unscripted) are not permitted in the exception of fencing, archery or costumes for drama/dance class.

Dorm Rules

CampusDress CodeDorms

All of the above mentioned “Campus Rules” apply to the dorms.
In addition to the above rules, dorm rules also include the rules below.

▶ Prim Overages

  1. If students go over their prim allotment, both the student and the dorm managers will be notified!
    1. You must correct the problem within 24 hours or your rental will be terminated.
  2. Extra prims are *not* available for purchase, and students are limited to ONE dorm per student.

▶ PrePay

  1. Students are able to pre-pay up to four weeks in advance to ensure your rental doesn’t expire while you’re away.

▶ Roommates

  1. Dorm tenants are strongly encouraged to have roommates, in fact there’s a forum to make it even easier!
  2. Roommates must also be enrolled at Eden Valley High School.
  3. Parents, guardians or alts are not permitted to rez items in a student’s room.
  4. Adding tenants that are not enrolled will result in a reprimand and may result in eviction!

▶ Rules

  1. Dorm tenants and their roommates are required to follow all of our campuses’ rules as outlined at
  2. Tenants must maintain a G-Rating on all dorm furniture, content, and behavior during your stay.
  3. Enrolled students are allowed one room per avatar.
  4. The tenant listed on the rental box is responsible for their roommates. Repeated warnings will result in a reprimand and may result in eviction!
  5. Refunds will not be provided for violations of these or campus policies.

▶ More Information

  1. Should you need any further assistance, please contact a dorm manager or member of administration and we will be happy to assist you.

Eden Valley is a private entity and reserves the right to alter the rules herein as we deem necessary, enforce them at our discretion, and revoke your permission to associate with Eden Valley at any time.

Eden Valley is not responsible for any risks or injury caused by weather conditions. Please plan carefully.