It’s officially that time of year again, and you know what that means… The season for scary things that go bump in the night is now officially upon us and EVHS Howloween 2016Eden Valley won’t be left out on the fun! We’ve broken out the cobwebs and there’s bound to be more fun things that are coming along the way but don’t let our spooky or maybe spoopy adventures scare you…


Eden Valley’s very own cheer squad has a fantastic show in store. With an appearance planned by yours truly¬†Mr Wildcat and more, it’s bound to be a show worth watching for students and staff alike! Eden Valley has cheer, yes we do!


But that’s not it for the festive holiday that Eden Valley High School has planned… Those who attended¬†Linden Lab’s SL13B and those who’ve seen previous shows would be familiar with our Theatrical Dance group who is also due to perform! If you’ve not had a chance to watch them personally yet, be sure to stop by our Photo Gallery to see all the wonderful goodness you’ve been missing and get yourself ready for a show to remember as they have a Halloween Spectacular that’ll surely put a smile on anyone’s face! Be sure you’re here early for the best seat in the house and don’t forget your death certificate for this one of a kind spooky show…


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