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Being the new kid

Its hard being new.

In the few years I have been a teen in Second Life© I have been to several high schools. Most of the schools are the same, but Eden Valley has stuck out the most because of the friendly staff and the classes they have. Eden Valley has a uniquely laid back feeling and a very friendly atmosphere.

My first day at Eden Valley was the day I signed up at the beginning of the April term. I was nervous at first, but after I went to classes that day I knew I had found the perfect school for me. In the last few weeks I have met some great people and found a few friends. I love the classes they have here even algebra with Ms Cheviot (Amanda432 Cheviot). I’m not that great with math, but admittedly her class has been fun.

I know I am not the only new kid that has some fears about being new to a school. Janessa (Jonny5 Chrome) said that being a a new kid

“wasn’t really that bad, I thought i was going to have a hard time making friends. it was actually kinda exciting. and everyone here is really nice so even if you are the new kid they make you feel at home here.”

Now that its been a full term that I have been enrolled in Eden Valley High School, I have had the best time and look forward to many more to follow this one.

Article by Bella Rose Lee Leverson (BellaRose75 Resident)

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