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Eden Valley Just A School?

As a fairly new student here at Eden Valley, I wanted to know what truly makes this school stand out among the rest. While searching for my answers and trying to put any preconceived notions out of my head, I went straight to the source and asked a few students and teachers. While Ophelia (OphieMarx Resident) “The King” as she goes by, Says “I really didn’t choose it.” and mentions how she was brought by a friend attending, and returned and fell in love with Eden Valley. Mr. Rider (RiderDavis Resident) Creative Director and Journalism Teacher at Eden Valley states “I didn’t really choose Eden Valley, Eden Valley kinda’ chose me I think.”  And

Image by Gino M. Kayne (Gino44Esposito Resident)

another student Bella Rose Lee Leverson (BellaRose75 Resident) remembers how she heard “that the teachers and the staff treated you like family.” So all in all I’d say it’s safe to say that Eden Valley really grows on a person.

And among the many things you can find happening here at Eden Valley High School, I have come to find out that it’s not just a school. It’s a community and place that some even call home. Ophelia says “Eden Valley is my home! it’s a great place to find friends, go to classes, and just enjoy your day.” and Bella stated “Eden Valley is more than a school it’s a place to make long time friends and even learn some new things.” and isn’t that the qualities you would find in any loving home? Also while Eden Valley offers opportunities to adults to acquire a paid position as a faculty member at Eden Valley, I found that, that is not the reason the teacher here at Eden Valley have taken on this opportunity. Mr Zim (ZimBoa Zeminoba) Eden Valley’s Vice Principle and History teacher says he enjoys the diversity of the student body as well as the positive attitudes and engaging nature. Mr Rider added “Teachers at Eden Valley… Are just…… They’re amazing. I love them all.” So in conclusion Eden Valley really is more than just a school. It’s a place where you can learn new things, find new friends, and be a part of a close-knit community that you can over time come to call home.

Article by Janessa Aisling (Jonny5 Chrome)

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