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A Day in the Life of an SL Teen

One of the biggest reasons people log on to SL is because of the freedom to be anyone or anything you want to be. The RP community is a huge aspect of SL. I have been RPing as a teenager for over a year now and I would love to share a day in my life!

The school I attend is Eden Valley High School. The school was opened four years ago. It has many types of classes available throughout the day. Some of the classes include Algebra, Home Economics, German, Art, Cheerleading, History, Journalism, Fashion Class, Theatrical Dance and more!

My day starts off like any other normal teen (girl). I spend about an hour just looking for the perfect outfit to wear to school. When I am finally happy with the outfit its time to have breakfast and head out the door!

I promptly arrive at Cheer Class. Where we practice in the football field. As soon as I get there I am always happy to see my fellow cheerleaders already there and all of us anxious to practice with our Coach Ms. Wolf. We have been working hard on our routines for a month now and as you can see, they are really coming along well!

After Cheer is done, I head over to Art Class with Ms. Zoe. Art class is really fun and it is a way to express ourselves through art. I have to admit I am not very artistic or very good at creating art. But that is why I chose to take this class so that I can learn and get better. Below you can see my first piece of art as my latest.

I hope you can see my progress.  =D

After Art class I have Fashion Class. Which is one of my favorites. Here we learn about fashion and we create outfits, which you already know I love to do! And we show them off to each other on the runway. Our assignments consist of themes our teacher Ms. Lexie creates in her lesson plan for the month. Some of our latest themes have been Boho, Western Style and Heritage.

My last class for the day is Theatrical Dance. The main focus of this class is to learn to dance and to put on a show every month. Each of us has the chance to create a set and a dance with costumes to be performed at the Theatrical Dance Recital held monthly. We can create a solo dance or group up and create together. It is always amazing to see what everyone comes up with each month. It is also a great way for our family and friends to come see us perform at school so that our parents can beam with pride!

This is just one of my regular days at school. Other days I have other classes, but they are all equally important and fun to me. I really love going to school! Apart from school there is always something to do as a teen. We have parties and get togethers, we go to each others houses to study (mostly) and we have our very own teen hangout at school called “Misfits.” There is always something to do and I love that about being a teen!

Being a teenager in SL has been amazing and I have met some really awesome people along the way.

I know I will continue to RP as a teen for a long time to come and I am looking forward to creating many more memories with all my friends.

Article by Ailytha Resident

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