Fashion Comes to Eden Valley

Fashion has come to Eden Valley High! Starting March 2017 the new “Fashion” class was added to the school roster. The class will help students learn about fashion and help them express themselves through clothes.

Miss Lexie, who will be teaching the class, is a retired model who loves fashion. “I hope that my students see that we are all beautiful and we can show our personalities through our clothes.” Said Miss Lexie, when asked what she hopes the students will take from the class. The class will focus on different assignments. Themed assignments will give students a chance to show their unique styles. Each student will then be given the option to displaying their outfits by strutting their stuff on the runway.

Miss Lexie

A small glimpse into previous assignments included “Steampunk.” Steampunk is a mix of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates technology with 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Yet another previous assignment was “Glamour” the focus of this theme was to put together the most glamorous look you could think of, imagine Hollywood or Prom night! Here you will see a few students modeling their outfits.

Janessa Andrea Aisling
Victara Vagabond
Aly Varrington
Daisy Rennels Cheviot
Macky Winter Danamaith
Jin Soulchild
Diva Carpaye

All in all, “Fashion” class has started off as a hit and will likely continue to bring out the fashionista in all of us here at Eden Valley High! If you are interested in attending the class please check the Eden Valley class schedule here for the most up to date class schedule.

Article by Ailytha Resident

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