Teens in Fashion

Although it’s gotten better, fashion can surely be difficult for teens. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of asking a few teens around campus, about their experience. I asked Eden Valley students Daisy and Aly for their thoughts and efforts behind their looks.

Daisy: “My thoughts on my look, it’s comfortable and a bit dressy, but I think it’s functional. When I’d say It’s good for studying and then going out for lunch with friends to a restaurant after words. Rather than just casual, it’s one step up. Important thing is comfort though, so it’s not like I’m a tightly wrapped package. It’s good to feel comfortable and natural in outfits I’d say for my self. ”

Aly: “That it was my personal style. I normally dress conservative, preppy and a dash of girlie.”

And what was your experience like, trying to put your unique look together?

Daisy: “It wasn’t hard to find, just had to look through my clothes and try things on. I was looking for dressy, but comfortable, something I could go to school in. When we had to do a personal look assignment and usually I’m dressed in a fancy suit which was a look I was trying to copy from Tom Wolfe, author of Bonfire of the Vanities. So I thought I could do something like that, but have it be more feminine, a way to come out of my comfort zone of hiding my body you could say. Once I put it on I thought yes, this is me. Though usually I’d be wearing sneakers, but the boots are nice if you’re not doing a lot of walking and to go out after.”

Aly: “I thought about the assignment Miss Lexie was asking, and I tried to put as much me into it as I could. I chose an outfit I felt the most comfy in and loved. It was a nice experience to realize the kind of style I have.”

After interviewing Daisy and Aly for their thoughts, my own experience is that it’s best to put together a full outfit piece by piece. Being the fashionista I am, I just can’t help but make my own looks from scratch, though it makes it little more difficult to find things that work. No matter what, in the end I’ve made a look that is totally my own. No matter how you do it, we all get there in the end even when there are bumps along the way. At least we can always express ourselves and bring out the best parts of ourselves, in our fashion!

Article by MaxAna Birdsong

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